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At Priory Rise, children from Early Years to Year 6 participate in practical and engaging Science lessons which provide an understanding of the world around them and excite them to want to know more about the world they live in. Lessons are interactive and practical, allowing children to experience scientific concepts first-hand as much as possible and develop their scientific enquiry skills using high-quality resources. Priory Rise promotes curiosity and fosters opportunities for children to question, explore and discover through interesting and relevant contexts. Alongside these skills, children are equipped with vocabulary and understanding which will allow them to explain, evaluate and extend their ideas and conclusions.

A range of topics are covered throughout the school in line with the National Curriculum and Early Years Framework. These have been carefully sequences in order to allow children to revisit and consolidate their previous knowledge and use it as a foundation for their new learning as they progress through the school. By the end of Year 6, we hope that, through our practical and exploratory approach, children will have a depth of understanding which will prepare them well for the next stage of their scientific journey.

Topics include:

  • Animals Including Humans
  • Everyday Materials/Materials and their Properties
  • Seasonal Changes
  • Living Things and their Habitats
  • Plants
  • Rocks
  • Light
  • Electricity
  • Sound
  • Forces and Magnets
  • Earth and Space
  • Evolution and Inheritance