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School Meals

In September 2014, the Priory Rise kitchen opened, and we are delighted that we provide quality freshly cooked meals to children at lunchtime. All meals are freshly prepared by our own fabulous catering team under the leadership and guidance of our Cook/Manager, Miss Bev Atkinson.

Every day there is a choice of a main meal, a vegetarian option or a jacket potato/pasta option; there is also a choice of dessert, including the option of fresh fruit salad or fruit yoghurt. Children do not need to choose which meal they would like in advance. However, we do need to know in advance which children require a meal in order to ensure sufficient food is prepared and avoid waste. A three-week rolling menu is published in advance so that parents and children can see the meals on offer each day. Please click on the link to see our delicious menus.


Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a free school meal, and we strongly encourage all parents to take up this option - not only are there the obvious health and social benefits of sitting down together to enjoy a cooked meal, this represents a significant cost saving to families. The entitlement to a free meal for children in Key Stage 1 and Reception is a universal benefit and is not dependent on parents' income or circumstances. The children are given a packed lunch for school trips consisting of a sandwich, a piece of fruit, a cake or cookie and a bottle of water.

Children in Key Stage 2 are able to purchase a meal at a cost of £2.75 per day - this is a two-course meal consisting of a main course and a dessert option.  

In addition, children in Key Stage 2 are able to order a packed lunch for school visits. This will consist of a sandwich, a piece of fruit, a cake or cookie and a bottle of water. This will cost £2.75.  

All meal orders and payments are made using Arbor which allows parents to pay for school items on a smartphone, tablet or computer.  Full instructions on how to order school lunches are available on the link below.

Please remember that if your family receives certain benefits, your child may be entitled to free meals and the school may also receive additional funding to support your child. Please click on the letter and form below to find out more about this.