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PE & Sport Premium

At Priory Rise we are highly committed to ensuring quality PE and Sports provision for all children at Priory Rise. We also believe passionately in the important contribution this aspect of the curriculum makes towards personal development and healthy lifestyles. Since our school opened in 2008 we have therefore given appropriate emphasis to this aspect of our provision.

From September 2013 schools have received additional funding to help them improve the breadth and quality of PE in schools and to increase the levels of participation in sporting activities out of school.

Our additional funding for PE and sports, for the last academic year was £21,380.  This has enabled our school to increase the quality and breadth of activities on offer to children and over the past year many more children have participated in a wide range of extra-curricular physical activities. This also allowed our sports coach to team teach with other members of staff, a good way of providing professional development.

We have also paid for membership of the Milton Keynes Primary Sports Partnership. Membership of this organisation brings a number of important benefits to the school and the children at Priory Rise. In short, the key benefits of this membership are as follows:

  • Opportunities for professional development in the form of courses for any member of staff and the opportunity for specialist coaches to come into school to support and guide staff.
  • Ongoing development and review of our P.E. curriculum.
  • Opportunities for children to participate in sporting festivals and competitions.

During the academic year 2023-2024 funding for PE and sports will be £21,390

  • Continued membership of the Milton Keynes Primary Sports Partnership.
  • Continued team teaching with the sports coach and assistant sports coach proving professional development.
  • Provision of Active Risers, an early morning sports club.
  • Contribution towards specialist coaches to run clubs and extra-curricular activities.
  • Purchase of new equipment and replacement of old equipment.
  • Maintenance and repair of large playground equipment to ensure health and safety standards.
  • Maintenance of the school field, line markings both indoors and outdoors for physical activity.