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Modern Foreign Languages

At Priory Rise, our Modern Foreign Language (MFL) curriculum is designed to progressively develop children’s skills and knowledge in language and culture through the scheme ‘Language Angels’ and the teacher’s own planning using French song and literature. French is taught from Key Stage Two, though other first languages spoken by our children, are used to compare, contrast and engage at all stages of the school.  Our French sessions are taught through regular, engaging lessons across Key Stage Two.  Children acquire, use, apply and revisit a growing bank of vocabulary and stem sentences organised around topics.  Lessons provide opportunities for speaking and listening, with writing and some reading.

Practical lessons include conversation, storytelling, games, poems and rhymes to support learning. All of these approaches help to equip our children with the skills to be confident global citizens, inspiring a passion and acquiring a love of language. 

In Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, children are introduced to a variety of languages through ‘Language of the Month’.  The languages chosen vary from year to year; teachers incorporate languages that represent the class community as well as languages that children express an interest in.  Children, from an early age, are exposed to different languages in our community thereby creating respect and a multi-cultural understanding. It is important to us that children see, value and learn languages and learn about other societies and cultures.  This good practice continues in Key Stage Two, alongside the teaching of French.

French Units of Work
Each year group covers different topics in French.

Some of these include: 

Year 3 – An Introduction to French, Fruits, Vegetables, The Date, Seasons
Year 4 – Presenting Myself, Family, Animals and Pets, My Home
Year 5 – Weather, The Date, Clothing, The Classroom
Year 6 – Grammar (regular verbs), The Weekend, Me In The World

Alongside these topics, we also regularly revisit phonics, key vocabulary, stem sentences, key questions and simple phrases each term.

Special Visitors

At Priory Rise School, we have strong links with our secondary feeder schools – Hazeley and Shenley Brook End. Each year, we welcome students from both schools who have prepared activities to teach to our Year 6 students. Historically, children have had the opportunity to learn vocabulary in French, Spanish and German. These sessions are always well-received by the children and staff at Priory Rise School.