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At Priory Rise, the History curriculum develops children’s understanding of different time periods, events and significant individuals. Each year group has three different cross-curricular topics, which allow all children to develop and deepen their historical knowledge and skills in line with the curriculum expectations.

We pride ourselves on offering our children a passion for History which develops curiosity about the past and promotes understanding of how and why people interpret the past in different ways. The teaching of History is carefully planned within each year group so that it builds upon prior knowledge. Our detailed progression maps detail how links are made to other areas of History curriculum and other curriculum subjects.

As a school, we aim to provide a wide range of first-hand experiences which include: theme days, role play, educational visits, workshops and visiting speakers. This allows children to learn key facts and skills; they will develop an understanding of chronology and will have opportunity to compare and contrast events and lifestyles of the past with our lives today.

Our aim as a school is to ensure that our pupils are exposed to a variety of significant events and people in the past, both locally and further afield. Children will begin to understand how these events and people have shaped our lives today.  Our stimulating lessons provide children the opportunity to develop a passion for History.

Units of Work

Nursery: Ourselves, Seasonal Changes, Black History

Foundation: Ourselves, Black History, Seasonal Changes, Space, Transport, Sunflowers, Life Cycles

Year 1: Toys, Remembrance, Our Royal Family, Significant Individuals

Year 2: Rosa Parks, The Gunpowder Plot, Past and Present London, The Plague, The Great Fire of London, Space, Roald Dahl

Year 3: The Romans, The Anglo-Saxons, Vikings

Year 4: The Victorians, Crime and Punishment, Ancient Greece

Year 5: Black History, Ancient Egypt, The Titanic

Year 6: The Maya Civilisation, Stone Age, World War 2

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