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At Priory Rise, we not only want all of our learners to be exposed to, understand and apply the knowledge prescribed by the National Curriculum but we want them to be confident geographers, ready to take on the world. There are four key areas in the National Curriculum for Geography: locational knowledge, place knowledge, human and physical geography and geographical skills and fieldwork. So that these have relevance, we link this knowledge to the children’s experiences of the world; we also create tangible experiences as much as possible. This includes visits, especially within our local area, trips further afield and visitors to the school.

We will study different areas around the world and use a variety of methods for this including digital technology as well as printed resources. This, alongside our visitors and visits around our local area or further afield, helps us to develop the cultural capital the children need to understand geography in the real world and what this can mean to them. This learning blends into our topics to enhance pupils’ understanding across different subjects.

At Priory Rise, we have clear progression maps and check the children’s understanding through quizzes and short tasks. In doing this, we can build on and strengthen the children’s prior learning ensuring that learning is meaningful.