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In Computing at Priory Rise, we have created an engaging curriculum that challenges and includes all children. Our aim is to prepare children to safely and competently use technology in the next stage of their academic career and in the modern world.

Key computing skills, derived from the national curriculum, are covered each year and the children progressively build on them as they move through the school. Children develop these skills through a range of topics which are up-to-date and relevant.  A specialist computing teacher engages children in learning from Year 3 to Year 6.

Children are exposed to a range of modern technologies and are given frequent opportunities to use a variety of software to achieve curriculum goals. To demonstrate their understanding, children are given creative freedom to showcase their individual strengths.

Coding is a key part of Computing at Priory Rise, with children learning basic coding principles using Discovery Education’s Block Coding system before progressing onto Scratch. Children will then proceed to learn about coding for web pages using HTML before transitioning in Year 6 into a fully text-based programming language with Python.

We recognise how vitally important Online Safety is and ensure that this is communicated to the children through a dedicated unit of work in each year group. These units of work are different for every year group, but retain a core focus on the SMART rules as a way for children to keep themselves safe on the Internet.  Reference to Online Safety continues to be made throughout other units of work where relevant.

Units of Work:

Each year group covers different topics on Computing. These include:

Year 1 – ipad Skills, Online Safety, Block Coding
Year 2 – Online Safety, Block Coding
Year 3 – Online Safety, Introduction to Computers, Scratch, Bug Fixing
Year 4 – Online Safety, Scratch, Isle of Tune, HTML
Year 5 – Online Safety, Cryptography, HTML, Interactive Stories
Year 6 – Online Safety, Python, Game Design, Micro:bits