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In Computing, at Priory Rise, it is our intent to ensure our children are exposed to a broad and balanced curriculum. At our school, we strive to develop our children as effective users of a range of technology to allow them to thrive amongst the social, cultural and economic opportunities that instant global communication offers. We teach an engaging curriculum that aims to challenge, include and inspire all children. This is to prepare children to use technology safely and competently now, in the next stage of their academic career, and in the modern world.

Key computing skills, derived from the National Curriculum, are covered each year and the children are given opportunities to progressively build on them as they move through the school. Children develop these skills through a range of topics which are age and ability appropriate.  The key areas of Computing are explicitly referred to as computer science, information technology and digital literacy. Each composite thread is covered year on year where they are built upon as part of a spiral curriculum to ensure children have a solid understanding of the big ideas of Computing.

We recognise how vitally important online safety is and ensure that this is communicated to the children through a dedicated unit of work in each year group. Although these units of work are different for each year group, they retain a core focus on the SMART rules as a way for children to learn how to keep themselves safe when using the internet.  Reference to online safety continues to be made throughout other units of work, and subjects across the curriculum, where relevant.

Children are exposed to a range of software and systems to achieve curriculum goals. To demonstrate their understanding, children are given creative freedom to showcase their individual strengths.

Coding is a fundamental part of Computing at Priory Rise, with children learning basic coding principles in Key Stage 1 before moving on to block-based coding software in Key Stage 2. This helps them to prepare for the secondary computing curriculum whilst embedding a passion for the skill.

Our Computing curriculum makes explicit, purposeful links to other subject areas, especially STEM subjects like Maths and Science. We understand the importance of children becoming digitally literate in a digital world and aim to ensure that all children can use technology as a way to express themselves and their ideas, and that they could choose it as a future career choice.

Key Computing vocabulary is explicitly taught and referred to in lessons and built upon year on year. Children are encouraged to use this in their Computing talk to embed and secure their understanding.

Computing enrichment is also important to us. We offer a Key Stage 2 Coding club and positively showcase how Computing is used in the professional world through dedicated talks, workshops, and guest speaker assemblies. If you have anything that you think could further embed Computing enrichment at our school, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Each year group covers different topics on Computing. Please click below to see what each year group will be learning.