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At Priory Rise we strive to give children the best learning opportunities. We believe that well planned, high quality art lessons will inspire children to think creatively and innovatively. Our Art curriculum offers children the chance to develop and hone their artistic skills through the use of a range of different media. It is important  that art lessons are purposeful and relevant so children’s artistic skills can be used across other curricular areas, helping them to explore wider subjects in greater depth.

Our children at Priory Rise thrive within Art lessons and enjoy the practical elements the subject has to offer. Children will learn the key areas within the art curriculum: sketching, painting, sculpting and collage. Through these areas, the children are given the opportunity to explore and evaluate their own and other’s creative perceptions. We believe that art allows children to communicate their ideas and emotions in an expressive form and we encourage children to experiment with their ideas through the use of colour, line, pattern and texture. Children are introduced to a range of work by famous and influential artists to help develop their knowledge and understanding of the differing art styles and vocabulary.

We are dedicated to the teaching of Art and believe it is important to allow children time to develop and build their skills as they move through the school. Therefore, new skills and topics are carefully planned into the curriculum of each year group allowing children to progress, refine and flourish within the Arts.

Units of work and artists covered:

Reception: Kandinsky concentric circles, Matisse collage cutting and shaping, Rockets sculpting, Tigers collage, Clay sculpting Fruit and Sunflowers painting.

Year 1: Karen Lederer printing, Jackson Pollock painting and Vincent Van Gogh sketching and drawing.

Year 2: Picasso portraits, Indian Art – Rangoli and Warli and John Dyer Seascapes.

Year 3: Stella Dunkley water colour seascapes, Frida Kahlo sketching and painting and Modigliani drawing, pastels and charcoal portraits.

Year 4: Aboriginal Art pointillism painting, William Morris printing, Gaudi architecture drawing and collage.

Year 5: Matisse painting and collage, Ancient Egyptian wall hangings and Andy Warhol painting and printing.

Year 6: Mayan masks sculpting, Monet landscape water colours, Lowry painting and Banksy printing and collage.