Year 6 chat with Mike Bithell

13th February 2018
For the past half term, Year 6 have been learning about video game design in Computing and have used this to come up with some designs for their very own video games.
There were lots of really great and innovative ideas produced and we thought it would be fun for the children to speak to a real life video games designer to get some insights into their work.
We were incredibly lucky to have Mike Bithell agree to chat with the children over Skype, which took place last Friday, 9th February.
Mike Bithell has created several video games, including Subsurface Circular, Volume and the BAFTA award winning Thomas Was Alone.
The children got to ask questions for around 25 minutes and I think they all really enjoyed it. It might have even inspired some of them to think about careers in the video game industry!
The resources we used in our lessons were from BAFTA's Young Game Designers competition which is open now. More details can be found on their dedicated website here: