Year 6

In Year Six at Priory Rise School, we are extremely proud of our vibrant and engaging curriculum. Wherever possible, we ensure learning is promoted through a thematic approach.  For example, we study the Ancient Egyptians, where History meets English through ancient myths; Geography meets History through students understanding of how important rivers were in the past and, by comparison, recognising the importance of them in our past in Stony Stratford. To see what your child will be learning this half term, click here:
Our students experience the best in quality first teaching from their class teacher, specialised music teacher, PE coaches and a specialised Computing teacher.

English is taught daily with specific emphasis on reading and writing a wide range of genres across the course of the year. Reading is celebrated with a wide range of quality texts accessed each week in small groups as well as comprehension lessons to support understanding of accessing shorter pieces of text from different genres. VIPERS are used to support children in understanding the aspects of reading.
See the link below for details on how to support your child in reading by asking quality VIPER questions.
Writing is taught by sharing quality texts as a model, shared and guided writing to model the thought processes of a writer and then time to put these skills into practice. Children experience a range of stimuli that inspire them to write including stories, drama, music, film, TV programmes, poetry and news items. Handwriting and spelling, grammar and punctuation are taught in weekly sessions.
Mathematics is taught every day. Mathematics themes in Year 6 include: place value, four operations, measures, coordinates, algebra and ratio, fractions, decimals and percentages, statistics. Year 6 often revisit areas of learning from previous year groups to consolidate understanding. Each day, additional time is spent in Year 6 ensuring children have fluency of mathematics (something about practising key arithmetic skills – keeping buoyant and fluent). Below we have included the current written methods and how we approach the four operations.
Throughout the year lots of enrichment opportunities are offered within the curriculum.

Each year, our students work in partnership with Santander staff – developing an understanding of money and how to look after it. Each year we are visited by senior members of the Santander team where children present their understanding of the sessions formally – a great opportunity to rehearse formal language and presentation skills.

The year six children spend a week on residential in Derbyshire in the summer term where they explore caverns, reach the great Heights Of Abraham, take in the sights at Chatsworth House as well as spending valuable time together.
Wherever possible, visitors are invited to talk to the children about their life experiences. This may be to share cultural or religious beliefs, to provide children with an insight into different careers or to shed more light on a particular area of the curriculum.
Homework is an important part of life in Year Six. In order to support parents and children in accessing their homework, we will pop the homework on the website each Monday. Just look below!
Other useful information
Class Assembly Dates
Year 6 Assembly - 12th February 2020
PE Days
This is when our PE lessons are, please make sure you have your kit!
  • Paver - Tuesday
  • Pullman - Tuesday