Y6 Residential Tue (Evening)

26th June 2018
After a night where some people got more sleep than others we filled our bellies with a hearty breakfast before heading out for our activities.

We are currently on the way to Speedwell Cavern and later we will be visiting the Lead Mining Museum.

More photos to come...
Speedwell Cavern was great fun, if a little dark! Unfortunately due to the darkness not many of the pictures we took came out, hopefully we will catch more of the children during our visit to the Lead Mining Museum. Check back soon!
A fab afternoon in Matlock, visiting the mining museum. The kids got to pan for minerals, explore a mine and hear all about how mining used to be done in the museum. A very warm day but everyone is fine if a little sleepy!

We are just on our way back to the hostel for a well earned dinner before our evening activities.