Y6 Residential - Day 2

11th July 2017
A rather wet day today, but were we going to let that stop us enjoying ourselves? NO WE WERE NOT!
After a nice filling breakfast we headed out to Speedwell Cavern. We donned hard hats and descended lots and lots and lots of steps to clamber into boats and make our way through the tunnels. We heard some fascinating background to the tunnels and had the opportunity to get off the boats at the end and have a look around. A really interesting place to visit!
After a look around the gift shop we climbed back aboard the coach and we were off to Ladybower Reservoir. After eating our packed lunches we started our epic 6 mile walk. The weather was not kind to us and after lots of light rain we had a really quite heavy downpour. Our enthusiasm wasn't dampened though and we enjoyed the company and the breathtaking scenery.
At the end of the walk we rewarded ourselves with a well deserved ice cream! As I write this we are completing today's reflection activity and will be having dinner shortly.
Looking forward to drier weather tomorrow!