Y6 Residential - Day 1 (UPDATED)

10th July 2017
Today was the first day of our Year 6 Residential trip!
We left school around 9:30 and had an uneventful drive to the youth hostel, with a short comfort break along the way. After we arrived children were able to tuck into their lunches and then we started on the afternoon's activities.
Children were split into groups and did three different activities from a possible five; archery, problem solving, den building, fire lighting or orienteering.
After those the children had the chance to find their rooms and sort out their beds before a very nice dinner... and pudding!
As I type this some children are at our campfire activity whilst others are doing some reflection or having hot chocolate and cookies.
It'll soon be time for bed and the end of our first very exciting (but tiring) day! Lots more to come!
The kids were having such fun in their evening activities that we couldn't resist posting a few more photos!
Look for lots more fun tomorrow...