Successful Sports Days

12th July 2017
We have now completed 3 wonderful sports day events for Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. All children who participated demonstrated their sporting talents and thoroughly enjoyed themselves along the way. These were wonderfully happy, supportive and encouraging events that saw us all smiling and working together to see our children achieve their best.
May I also thank the huge amounts of parents, grandparents, friends and family who came to support these events and our wonderful children, all of whom embraced the spirit of the events - cheering and encouraging all of the children along, with such great humour and nurture.
Huge thanks to our Years 5 and 6 children who worked so wonderfully to support each of the activities at the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Sports events. These children were excellent role models for our younger children and a fabulous support in the organisation of each of the activities. Great work lovelies!
Finally enormous thanks also to Mr Neal and Mr Smyth, who are such great role models for our young people, who organised all of these events so impeccably. Thank you so very much. You are superstars!