School Uniform Policy

At Priory Rise we would like all children to take pride in their appearance and all children are expected to arrive for school smartly dressed in their uniform. We believe a uniform helps to establish a strong group identity and purposeful learning environment.
Winter Uniform
  • Royal blue sweatshirt/sweat cardigan with Priory Rise logo
  • White polo shirt with or without Priory Rise logo
  • Dark grey trousers/skirt/pinafore dress
  • Royal blue fleece with Priory Rise logo (optional)
  • Grey, white or black socks or tights
Summer Uniform
As above with the option of -
  • Royal blue checked summer dress
  • Dark grey school shorts
Footwear, Jewellery and Hair
  • Sensible black shoes (trainers are not permitted)
  • Jewellery or make-up is not permitted with the exception of a watch. However, children with pierced ears may wear one sleeper or stud in the lobe of each ear
  • Parents are asked to ensure children’s hair styles are appropriate for school. Extremes of hairstyle including bright colours, tramlines and shaved heads are not permitted.
PE Kit
  • Royal blue shadow stripe shorts
  • Round necked plain white T shirt or plain royal blue T shirt
  • Black plimsolls or suitable black trainers
  • A plain navy or black tracksuit may be worn during the winter months for outdoor work (optional)
  • A change of socks will also be needed
Children will need to bring their PE kit to school in a named drawstring bag. In the hall children will work in bare feet and all watches must be removed. We ask that either children do not wear ear-rings to school on the days they have PE or that they cover them with a plaster or Micropore tape brought from home. For safety reasons long hair needs to be tied back and therefore children should bring a suitable band from home for this.
Nursery Uniform
  • Royal blue sweatshirt with or without the Priory Rise logo
  • White polo shirt with or without the Priory Rise logo
  • Plain dark bottoms – e.g. black, grey, navy
Parents of all children are asked to ensure that all clothing is named so that lost items can be quickly returned to their owner!
Clothing Suppliers
The Governing Body of Priory Rise School is committed to ensuring value for money with our uniform suppliers and will keep arrangements under review to ensure continued quality and value for money. Following detailed information received from a number of uniform suppliers we have decided that for the embroidered sweatshirts, sweat cardigans, optional embroidered polo shirts and optional fleeces that the supplier Kedaph Schoolwear Ltd represents the best value. In considering our choice of uniform supplier we took into account the following issues:
  • Overall cost
  • Quality of clothing
  • Washing instructions and resistance to fading
  • Ease of availability for parents
The embroidered sweatshirts, embroidered sweat cardigans, embroidered polo shirts, fleeces and PE uniform can be purchased directly from Kedaph Schoolwear Ltd on their website. Alternatively these items may be ordered by completing an order form which is available form the school office. Confirmation by email will be sent following all internet orders and all clothing ordered from Kedaph Schoolwear Ltd is packaged and delivered to the school ready labelled with your child's name. The remaining uniform items such as trousers, skirts and plain polo tops may be purchased at a wide variety of stores. Please click on this link to connect directly to the Kedaph Schoolwear Ltd website:
A small selection of uniform items is held in school for parents to check sizes and styles. Please enquire at the school office if you would like to view these items.
Items for Purchase at School
Priory Rise will also stock the following items which may be purchased from the school office:
  • PE drawstring bags
  • Book bags
We very much appreciate parents’ support in ensuring children arrive smartly dressed in their appropriate school uniform and thank you in advance for this.