Rising Stars

On most Fridays we hold a special Rising Stars Assembly which is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the special achievements of the children at Priory Rise School. This can include special awards or achievements that children have gained from out of school activities as well as achievements from school.
We have Rising Star Certificates which are awarded to children who have achieved something special or worked exceptionally hard over the week; details of all of these achievements will be published on the website and in the school newsletters.
We greatly value every child's work and achievements and feel it is very important to acknowledge and celebrate this in school. At the end of each school year we present special awards to children who have shown great commitment and worked hard to achieve highly. These awards are given for Creativity, Learning, Sports and Contribution to the Community.
Rising Stars
Well done to all the children listed below, we are very proud of you!
Rising Stars - 15/05/20




FS - Beetles (Mrs Benham Smith and Mrs Best)

Eva K


For sharing all her amazing home learning with us on Tapestry. We are super impressed with your phonics work, some fantastic sentences! Well done Eva. Love Mrs Best & Mrs Benham-Smith

FS – Honeybees (Miss Brown)

Aadith S


For having a super imagination and making a marvellous car wash out of Lego. He made a video and explained how it worked, brilliant building Aadith, well done!

FS – Fireflies (Mrs Woods)



For all the amazing home learning. This week Mrs Woods received an email from Vaishnavi's Mum informing me that she has been helping her Dad make protective masks for the NHS using their 3D printer.  Well done Vaishnavi and Dad, you're doing a fantastic job saving lives. Love Mrs Woods

Yr 1 – Jeffers (Miss Fox)

Charlie O'G

For really trying hard with his presentation skills and improving his letter formation.

Yr 1 – Murphy (Mrs Griffiths)

Joshua S

For his amazing descriptive writing of Zog's journey. Fantastic adjective and simile use, well done!

Yr 1 – McKee (Miss Fenables)


For working really hard on his handwriting at home. I received a piece of writing which Samuel had used beautiful, neat handwriting. Well done!

Yr 2 – Rosen (Mrs Truan and Ms Gamble T)

Millie D F

She choreographed an amazing superhero dance routine and performed it in a video to the song 'Get your cape on' by the DC Superhero girls. She danced with passion and style, which made us all smile. We are so proud of Millie.

Yr 2 – Donaldson  (Miss Bwye)


For trying so hard with his non-fiction writing this week and for also making cards to send to his family members to make them smile.

Yr 2 – Dr Seuss  (Mr Bullen)

Laura T

For making such fantastic progress with her writing - she is having lessons everyday with her Nanna on zoom!

Yr 3 – Nimmo (Mrs Search and Miss Mitchell)



For a fantastic piece of descriptive writing.

Yr 3 – Browne (Miss Fenables)

Leyton T


For being so creative in his home learning. Miss Fenables has loved seeing all of the wonderful and fun activities that you have been doing. Keep up the hard work!

Yr 3 – Morpurgo (Miss Huish)

Gabriella M


For working hard on her written work at home, she has really impressed me with her attention to detail and use of subordinating conjunctions!

Yr 4 – Walliams (Miss Hankin)

Maisie L



For her amazing effort with her home learning tasks and her increased confidence and independence when completing MyMaths tasks.

Yr 4 – Snicket (Mrs Kalek)

Megan G

Megan has shown what a great, reflective learning she is responding to feedback and improving her English work. Well Done Megan!

Yr 4 – Wilson (Miss Cunningham)


For showing kindness and compassion when helping family members.

Yr 5 – Rowling (Miss Cooper)

Gemma N

For continuing her love of all things arty during lockdown. Miss Cooper was utterly wowed by her latest pop art painting which was AMAZING! Keep it up!

Yr 5 – Blackman (Miss Dixon)


For applying himself to his home learning so brilliantly and putting 100% effort into everything has created. Keep up the fantastic work Archie- I am super proud.

Yr 5 – Horowitz (Mrs Bilkhu)


For all the amazing work she has been doing at home, in particular her diary entry as a passenger on the Titanic. It was a fantastic piece of writing, full of description it really captured the sense of awe and excitement. Wow!

Yr 6 – Paver (Miss Marriott)


He is working so hard at home to complete his home learning and has such as determined as resilient attitude. I am really proud of him!

Yr 6 – Pullman (Miss Cairns)


After completing the “Couch to 5km” running programme, is now running 50km in May with his Mum to raise money for the Trussell Trust who work hard to stop hunger in the UK. Well done, Charlie!

Children working in school Rising Stars – from Mrs Dobson and Mr Brown
Tia – She has demonstrated a warmth and kindness towards all children in school.  She is generous with her time doing things such as reading (with sound effects) at the end of the school day.  The other children have loved it.
Ethan M – a quiet, determined and focused young person who has listened attentively all week and has demonstrated great sportsmanship.
Rising Stars – from Mr Neal and Mr Smyth
Julia I from Year 1 who sent us a video of her learning to ride her bike without any stabilisers.
Rising Stars - 07/05/20




FS - Beetles (Mrs Benham Smith and Mrs Best)

Rishitha P.

Not only has she been doing LOADS of super home learning, she has composed and choreographed her very own song! Keep having fun Rishitha!

Love Mrs Best & Mrs Benham-Smith 

FS – Honeybees (Miss Brown)

Georgina R (and family)

For adjusting so well during these uncertain times and embracing all of the learning activities that she has been doing at home. Well done super star!

FS – Fireflies (Mrs Woods)


For all the amazing home learning we have seen posted on Tapestry.

This week she has read the story of Oi Frog independently!! I was really impressed with how she managed to read lots of tricky words herself. Well done Yasemin and Mum, you're doing a fantastic job!

Love Mrs Woods

Yr 1 – Jeffers (Miss Fox)

Taisa M

For blowing my socks off with a fantastic 'wanted' poster and amazing use of similes and expanded noun phrases to describe the Highway Rat.


Yr 1 – Murphy (Mrs Roberts)

William K

For writing an amazing wanted poster for the highway rat and making good phonic choices.


Yr 1 – McKee (Miss Fenables)


For embracing his creative side for his home learning this week. Miss Fenables has really enjoyed watching your videos. 

Yr 2 – Rosen (Mrs Truan and Ms Gamble T)

Meghan C

She has been awarded a Rising Star for her thoughtfulness and compassion. Every week since the lockdown started she has been keeping in touch with her Grandparents. She reads everyday to one Grandparent, so they don't feel lonely, and to the other she practises her spellings.

We are so proud of her kindness and consideration for people she loves.

Yr 2 – Donaldson  (Miss Bwye)


For always trying so incredibly hard with her writing. She's produced some fantastic pieces of work for the weekly writing tasks. I'm super proud of her!

Yr 2 – Dr Seuss  (Mr Bullen)

Ibrahim R

For my Rising Stars. For working incredibly hard and staying positive. He even sent Mr Bullen a video of him reading a story!

Yr 3 – Nimmo (Mrs Search and Miss Mitchell)


For her really creative musical chime. Wonderful!

Yr 3 – Browne (Miss Fenables)

Isabelle W


She has made her very own website which she updates daily. Her website is full of interesting facts, ranging from flamingos to Florence Nightingale! You've done a wonderful job, Isabelle! Future web designer in the making!

Yr 3 – Morpurgo (Miss Huish)

Serena D

For being wonderfully creative with her home learning, finding new and fun ways to learn everyday! Keep up the brilliant work!

Yr 4 – Walliams (Miss Hankin)

Zachary S

For demonstrating an incredible attitude towards his learning at home!

Extra Commendations:
Mrs Roberts is leaving us today to take her maternity leave – we would like to wish her the very best as she awaits the arrival of her new bundle of joy. She has a special message for her whole class – Murphy Class – she would love to give a special whole class rising star for 'being such superstars this year and making me proud every day- I will miss you all!'

A special mention to Pranavi in Horowitz Class who has been helping her dad make masks for the NHD using a 3D printer – from Mrs Bilkhu

Headteacher Commendation:
Cara Farquar – truly wonderful story based on the short film - A German in the Woods. Such quality, mature writing. A delight to read.