Rising Stars

On most Fridays we hold a special Rising Stars Assembly which is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the special achievements of the children at Priory Rise School. This can include special awards or achievements that children have gained from out of school activities as well as achievements from school.
We have Rising Star Certificates which are awarded to children who have achieved something special or worked exceptionally hard over the week; details of all of these achievements will be published on the website and in the school newsletters.
We greatly value every child's work and achievements and feel it is very important to acknowledge and celebrate this in school. At the end of each school year we present special awards to children who have shown great commitment and worked hard to achieve highly. These awards are given for Creativity, Learning, Sports and Contribution to the Community.
Rising Stars for Friday 19 October 2018
Well done to all the children listed below, we are very proud of you!
Finley - Creating a perfectly symmetrical Roman mosaic.
Tami - Trying super hard in his handwriting this week.

Ethan - His amazing improvement in handwriting.
Maisie - Her fabulous attitude to learning and her hunger to improve.

Kian - An amazing balanced argument text.
Sophie - Demonstrating amazing determination and resilience during assessment week.

Alfie - Contributing amazing ideas in English.
Manal - Being super resilient when dividing in maths this week.

Megan - Showing determination when learning about tens and units.
Harry - Working hard in science when exploring our sense of smell.

Amy - Always trying her best in everything she does.
Shannon - Always taking care with her presentation and handwriting.

Dr Seuss
Daniyal - Producing a fantastic piece of art work inspired by Picasso.
Shivam - Being such a wonderful role model and friend.

Aristo - For always trying his best and having such a positive attitude towards learning.
Fred - For fantastic contributions when partitioning two digit numbers into tens and units.

Nikita - For always challenging herself in writing lessons. Keep it up!
Trijal - For a fantastic effort when reading performance poetry. Well done!

Ria - Being such a helpful, kind-hearted member of our class.
Jaiteerth - Incredible contributions during our RE lessons.

Lucy - Great work using the inverse.
Luca - Fantastic additional verse for the poem "Dragon Who Ate Our School"

Tia - Trying her best in every aspect of school life.
Riley - Positive attitude to his learning.

Leila - Persevering and mastering the bar model in maths.
Charu - Displaying a positive hard-working attitude in all work.

Seren - For a really positive start to Year 4.
Avni - Writing a fantastic poem!

Merissa – A fantastic balanced argument in English.
Avaneesh – Persevering with his understanding of the process of fossilisation .

Matias - Asking interesting questions in G+P.
Thomas - Enthusiastic contributions in our debate.