Rising Stars

On most Fridays we hold a special Rising Stars Assembly which is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the special achievements of the children at Priory Rise School. This can include special awards or achievements that children have gained from out of school activities as well as achievements from school.
We have Rising Star Certificates which are awarded to children who have achieved something special or worked exceptionally hard over the week; details of all of these achievements will be published on the website and in the school newsletters.
We greatly value every child's work and achievements and feel it is very important to acknowledge and celebrate this in school. At the end of each school year we present special awards to children who have shown great commitment and worked hard to achieve highly. These awards are given for Creativity, Learning, Sports and Contribution to the Community.
Rising Stars - 26/03/2021
You can see our latest Rising Stars awards below. Well done to all the children who received awards, we are very proud of you!
Demmi - For working outstandingly hard in ALL lessons and producing some brilliant outcomes.
Zachary - For having such a positive approach to his learning and for being a good egg.

Pia - For writing a fantastic dreamtime story. It was a pleasure to read!
Manal - For her excellent effort in maths working on time. Mrs Kalek is so proud of you.

Amelie - Displaying a positive attitude towards her learning.
Jade - Making fantastic progress in reading.

Ariel - A stunning letter from the point of view of Jack- showing great empathy.
Indie - Working her absolute socks off this term! We are so proud of you.

Ishan - For making absolutely incredible progress in reading.
Kobi - For making Miss Fox and Miss Kent super proud since we have returned to school. You always give 100%!

Madeeha - For her outstanding effort with her homework this week.
Daniel - For always striving to improve his work and for making excellent progress with his writing this term.

Lilly - For developing her independence this week.
Callum - For making an extra effort with his handwriting in English this week.

Liana – In recognition of her incredible progress in maths over the last few weeks. Mrs Goode is so proud! Well done Liana.
Mia - In recognition of her phenomenal writing in English. Mia always produces work of amazing quality. Fab job Mia!

Aisha - For being resilient in Maths when telling the time.
Mason - For writing a great apology letter to the giant as Jack.

Grace - For improved confidence and great contributions in lessons.
Amber - For AMAZING progress in reading.

Ade - For being an overall superstar! Always offering help to both his peers and his adults within the classroom with a wonderfully positive attitude!
Charlotte - For her great understanding and teamwork when making 3D shapes in Maths this week! Well done, Charlotte!
Flynn - For determination with his arithmetic paper.
Nana-Ama - For perseverance with her writing this week!
Vivaan - For his amazing maths learning this week.
Mukul - For writing an exciting story plan in English this week.
Maro - For working his absolute hardest during assessment week – super well done!
Naga - For being a super caring, thoughtful and kind member of the class.

Scott - For a brilliant week and for working hard and independently for his assessments.
Daniyal - For coming back to school with a fantastic attitude & for a great explanation of coral bleaching.

Tiya - For always being a kind, caring and patient member of Browne Class.
Hope - For fantastic progress in reading!
Bella - Fantastic progress in reading!
Atharv - Super effort and enthusiasm in all lessons - he will be greatly missed!
Dr Seuss
Dylan - For a fantastic and effective letter from a characters point of view.
Aarissh - For excellent work in maths on telling the time.