Results from all our sporting events will be posted here - keep checking back to see how our teams are getting on!
Sporting Updates - 05/12/2019
The year 3-4 Basketball team won their qualifying event by winning every game. They will now go on to compete in the finals night. Well done!
Squad; Finlay B, Ethan S, Chris, Callum W, Zara B, Georgia, Demmi, Alessia.
The year 5-6 boys football team completed their League fixtures with a draw and a win. The draw coming against Rickley Park with a M.O.M performance from Luke and the win coming with goals from Indy and Charlie in which the latter picked up M.O.M. A great way to end the League season.
Squad; Joe H, Connor, Justin, Luke, Alfie, Noah, Sam D, Jude, Martim, Indy, Charlie
The year 5/6 Badminton team came back in second place and ensuring qualification for next year's finals.
The team of Rajvi, Roshni, Kyle B and Dylan played out some fantastic singles and doubles Badminton on their way to second place.
Sporting Updates - 14/11/2019
At the end of last term our year 4/5 Badminton team came home with Gold medals after winning the MKSSP Badminton Finals. After a lot of Badminton played the team never lost and as a school have now won this competition 4 years on the trot!
Well Done to Rajvi, Aadya, Roshni, Ava, Aniqa, Mia H, Indy, Luke, Anirudh, Jaiteerth, Ethan S and Siddhu.

The boys football team lost their first 2 matches of the League last week 1-0 and 3-0. Despite the defeats there were some positive moments during both games.
Squad; Joe H, Justin, Connor, Sam D, Charlie, Alfie, Jude, Noah (c), Martim and Bryan.

Finally the year 5/6 Basketball team managed to win there qualifying event and qualify for the finals night later on in the year. Some top play and excellent defensive skills ensured our passage through.
Squad; Kyle, Jude, Sam D, Dylan H, Mia S, Jasmine, Ava and Chloe
Sporting Updates - 18/10/2019
The year 3/4 Swimming team came back from the gala with silver medals after competing in a variety of races. Well done to Emma T, Maya, Demmi, Megan, Callum R, Euan P, William and Alexander.

A mixed start for the year 5/6 Football teams with a win and a loss in their opening 2 friendlies against Oxley Park. Men of the match for the matches were Charlie H and Connor.

Our Rugby League team have held their own and played in 3 more rounds of Rugby. The main focus has been participation and a number of children have now gone on to represent the school in the sport over the last 5 weeks. Well done to all.
Sporting Updates - 26/09/2019
A team of year 3/4 Footballers lost in a hotly contested match with our goals coming from Finlay B and Man of the Match Brody.
Squad; Ethan S, Callum W(c), Rio, Brody, Lewis, Finlay B, Arnau, Tammi, Chris, James.

Our year 5/6 Rugby team competed in a host of friendly matches at MK Rugby club. With the scores not being published on the night they decided to give out top player awards instead. From our matches they went to Ewan C, Kyle B and Jasmine.
Squad; Ewan C, Kyle, Calum S, Liam S, Daniel T, Jasmine, Mia, Zahra

The year 5 Badminton team qualified in 1st place for the MKssp Badminton finals after playing some fantastic badminton and remaining unbeaten throughout.

Squad; Rajvi, Roshni, Aniqa, Ava, Mia, Aadya, Siddhu, Jaiteerth, Anirudh, Ethan S, Indy, Luke