Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

Children are at the very centre of our school - aspiring to provide the very best for every child is central to all of our work. Children are inspired to learn and develop a genuine love of learning. Children at our school don't give up easily - they keep on trying, aiming to be the very best that they can be. A positive 'can do' attitude pervades our school.
Relationships are nurturing, warm and supportive - there is fun, love and laughter at our school. Everyone is safe, everyone belongs, feels valued and grows. We are a team: we are a family. Behaviour is excellent - everyone is courteous and polite and we all take care of each other.
Achievement is high and children make great progress with their learning and in their personal development. Our positive values are evident in our actions, words and behaviours. The curriculum is rich and vibrant; children make the most of technology and enjoy the many opportunities to learn beyond the classroom and about the global world. Exciting learning opportunities inspire children to learn: creativity is valued and promoted. Our school environment is inspirational - our wonderful displays inspire children to find out more. We are proud of everyone's achievements and celebrate success.

We all work hard together, determined to make a positive difference to the lives of children and families at our school. We take pride in all that we do and are fully committed to achieving the best for everyone.
Priory Rise School... inspiring a passion for learning!
Our Values

At Priory Rise our school ethos and approach is based on a number of core values which we believe underpin good citizenship and good behaviour, helping our children to develop as well-rounded, confident individuals who have a strong moral compass that influences their behaviour and choices.

The Aims of our Values-Based Education
  • For children to develop a clear understanding of what is right and wrong – a clear moral compass
  • For children to be able to make good choices
  • To develop good citizens
  • To develop the whole person and see each other as human beings not just as children and staff
  • To develop considerate, reflective, open-minded children and staff
  • To develop and enhance the sense of community, unity and whole school ethos
  • To empower and develop the self-worth and confidence of each individual
  • To enable deeper learning through raising awareness, reflection, discussion and buoyant use of an ethical language

Our School Values

We have 33 values that are explored over a 3 year period – one value per month, excluding August. In this way, the children will revisit the values, in detail, twice throughout their life at Priory Rise.
Our 33 values are:
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These values were chosen by the school community – and were arrived at in consultation with pupils from the whole school, parents, staff and governors.

Some Key Aspects of Values Education at Priory Rise School

  • The role of staff – staff act as role models for pupils. The relationships between staff and children are most significant. Developing warm, nurturing relationships, demonstrating unconditional positive regard for others, treating them with care and respect, trusting and valuing each other is essential. Staff also provide security through very clear and explicit high expectations and boundaries.

  • Time for reflection – taking time to be still, to ‘pause to be’ is part of Values Education. It leads to greater self-awareness, allows a few moments of calm to enable one to refocus and thereby build capacity to learn; it increases creativity, self-control and self-confidence. It should become part of daily classroom and assembly practice.

  • An ethical vocabulary – this creates consciousness and awareness, enables the values learning to be made explicit and enables better understanding of values. A shared language creates a trans-formative culture and lifts the community.

British Values at Priory Rise School

At Priory Rise School, the British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs are embedded within our Values Curriculum. These values are particularly linked to our school values of uniqueness, faith, freedom, equality, and tolerance. Pupils learn about the values through assemblies, class PSHE/circle time sessions. Pupils will also learn about government and law.

Our overriding aim is to teach children to make sound judgements for themselves about what is right and wrong in every situation. Our wide and varied curriculum enables pupils to learn that there are many differing views and experiences in the world outside of their own. Our Values Education and PSHE learning also promote the development of self-confidence, self-worth and a sense of identity. They allow pupils opportunities to reflect on and discuss different lifestyles and facets of identity, as well as being able to ask questions, to challenge inappropriate and harmful ideologies and stand up for what they believe is right.