Our Staff

Meet the Staff Team!
Please see below a list of our fantastic staff team!
Senior Leadership Team
Ms Ruth Seagar, BEd, NPQH - Headteacher
Mrs Cath Dobson, BEd - Deputy Headteacher (Years 5,6)
Mrs Kate Truan, BEd - Assistant Headteacher (Years 2,3,4), Year 2 Teacher (0.5)
Mrs Corinne Benham-Smith, BA - Assistant Headteacher (Foundation/Y1), Foundation Teacher
Mrs Julia Strong - School Business Manager
Miss Hayley Giles, PGCE (Early Years) - Nursery Teacher
Mrs Gill Watson - Nursery Nurse
Miss Nicola Tandy, NVQ L3 - Nursery Nurse
Mrs Bhavna Satheesh - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Saffron Deeks, L3 Diploma - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Corinne Benham-Smith, BA, QTS - Foundation Stage Teacher (0.5)
Mrs Karley Woods, BA, QTS - Foundation Stage Teacher
Mrs Paula Best, BA, QTS - Foundation Stage Teacher (0.5)
Miss Rebecca Brown - Foundation Stage Teacher
Miss Lorna Smith, NVQ L3 - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss Trudy Coleman, NVQ L3 Diploma - Teaching Assistant (1-to-1 Support)
Mrs Vicky Wright - Teaching Assistant
Miss Lucy Ashby - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jenny O'Regan - Teaching Assistant
Year 1
Miss Rachel Fox - Year 1 Teacher, Year 1 Team Leader
Mrs Amy Griffiths, BA, QTS - Year 1 Teacher
Miss Megan Fenables - Year 1 Teacher
Miss Lucy Scrivener - Trainee Teacher
Mrs Tracy Hanson, NNEB - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hazel Holohan, NVQ L3 - Teaching Assistant
Mr Duncan Macfarlane, City & Guilds L3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jenny O'Regan - Teaching Assistant
(Mrs Emily Roberts is currently on maternity leave.)
Year 2
Ms Vikki Gamble, BEd, NPQH - Year 2 Teacher (0.6)
Mr Ross Bullen, BA, QTS - Year 2 Teacher
Miss Rhiannon Bwye - Year 2 Teacher
Miss Amber Major, Trainee Teacher
Miss Stephanie Naylor - Teaching Assistant
Miss Jolie Hodgkins - Teaching Assistant 
Miss Lydia Whelan - 1:1 Support
Mrs Marisa Odendaal - Teaching Assistant
Year 3
Miss Sophie Fenables BA, QTS - Year 3 Teacher, Year 3 Team Leader
Mrs Jo Search - Year 3 Teacher (0.5)
Miss Jenny Mitchell - Year 3 Teacher (0.5)
Miss Hannah Huish - Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Kate Bromage - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Shaelene Knowles - Teaching Assistant
Miss Francesca Menna - 1:1 Support
(Mrs Emily Dean, BA, PGCE is currently on maternity leave.)
Year 4
Miss Rebecca Hankin, BA - Year 4 Teacher, Year 4 Team Leader
Mrs Claire Kalek - Year 4 Teacher
Miss Shannon Cunningham, BA, QTS - Year 4 Teacher
Mr Mark Gibbs - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Gabriella Awad - Teaching Assistant
Miss Claire James-Bowen - 1:1 Support
Year 5
Miss Charlotte Cooper, BA, PGCE - Year 5 Leader
Miss Corrine Dixon - Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Tejinder Bikhu - Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Alice Goode - Trainee Teacher
Mrs Julia Carter, BA - Teaching Assistant
Miss Leigh Kent, BTEC L3 Diploma - Teaching Assistant
Year 6
Miss Laura Marriott, BA, QTS - Year 6 Leader
Miss Tanya Cairns - Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Kerri Dennaford, Teaching Assistant
Mrs Katie Lawrence, NNEB - 1:1
Additional Teaching Staff
Mrs Vickie Snell, BSc, Dip., PGCE - Middle Leader (Data) and Assessment Manager
Mrs Louise Colvin, BA, MA, PGCE - SENCO (0.5)
Mrs Tanya Horwood, BA - Music Lead
Mr Liam Smyth, BEd, BTEC - Sports Coach
Mr Lawrence Neal - Sports Coach
(Mrs Erin Reynolds, BA, QTS - Teacher is currently on maternity leave.)
Support Staff Working Across the School
Mrs Emma Pocock, NVQ L3 - Learning Mentor
Mrs Natasha Cooper - Learning Mentor
Mr Ryan Brown, - Higher Level Teaching Assistant, BTEC Computer Studies - IT Technician and Computing Specialist
Mrs Natasha Burns, BA - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Business Support
Mrs Julia Strong, School Business Manager
Mrs Sarah Tarrant, NNEB - Business Support Assistant/Office Manager
Mrs Libby Baxter - Administrative Assistant
Mrs Rebecca Bond - Administrative Assistant
Mrs Jill Terry - Receptionist
Mrs Claudine Wood - Caretaker, Senior Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Sue Holland - Assistant Caretaker
Mrs Lynn Walton - Cleaner
Mrs Esther Hughes - Cleaner
Mrs Emma Parker-Lynn - Cleaner
Mrs Liz Bowerman - Cleaner
Mr Les Simmons - Cleaner
Lunch Time
Mrs Sharon Wallace, Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Mary Harrison, Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Mimi Kitty, Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Shaelene Knowles, Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Corina Pargeter, Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Paola Di Mauro, Lunch Time Supervisor
Miss Debbie Tatum, Lunch Time Supervisor
Miss Jess Ainger, Lunch Time Supervisor
Mr Les Simmons, Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Jenny Mills, Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs June Hodgkins, Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Marie Morgan, Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Amy Birmingham, Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Vicky Over, Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Esther Hughes, Lunch Time Supervisor
Miss Bev Atkinson, City and Guilds Level 1 and 2, Cook/Manager
Mrs Lydia Osae, City and Guilds Level 1 and 2, Assistant Cook
Mrs Tarina Cooke, Catering Assistant
Mrs Alison Blundell, Catering Asssistant
Mrs Tanya Ofori-Atta, Catering Assistant
Mrs Emma Parker-Lynn, Catering Assistant
Miss Pum Punthanasarawong - Catering Assistant
Mrs Susan Whittle, Catering Assistant
Mrs Jenna Baker, Catering Assistant
Mrs Clara Brown, Catering Assistant
Early Birds
Mr Mark Gibbs, Play Leader
Mrs Mimi Kitty, Deputy Play Leader
Miss Leigh Kent, Play Worker
Mrs Gabriella Awad, Play Worker
Night Owls
Mr Mark Gibbs, Play Leader
Mrs Emma Pocock, Deputy Play Leader
Mrs Mimi Kitty, Deputy Play Leader
Mrs Kata Mikes, Play Worker
Mrs Katie Lawrence, Play Worker (Mon/Tue)
Mrs Kerri Dennaford, Play Worker (Wed/Thu/Fri)
Mrs Gabriella Awad, Play Worker