Online Safety

19th October 2017
This half term in Key Stage 2 we have been updating our knowledge of Online Safety. We have varied the way that this is delivered across the different year groups, but our core message has remained the same and revolves around The SMART Rules:

S – Safe – Keep yourself safe on the internet by not giving out your personal information to people or places you don’t know.
M – Meet – Meeting up with people you have only spoken to on-line can be dangerous, always tell a trusted adult and take them with you.
A – Accepting – Be careful accepting files from people or websites you don’t know. They can contain viruses, malware or nasty and upsetting content.
R – Reliable – Not all information online is reliable. Double check information found on websites by checking other sites, looking in books, etc.
T – Tell – Always tell a trusted adult if someone or something upsets you whilst you are online.

If you want to reinforce these messages at home there are a number of good websites that you can visit with your children:
More links can be found on our dedicated Online Safety page here:
If you want to know more details about Online Safety, please consider attending our talk for parents which is being delivered by NSPCC on Wednesday 29 November at 2pm. Just make contact with the school office to indicate that you will be coming along so we can ensure we are able to accommodate everyone on the day.
Finally, by way of demonstrating their knowledge of Online Safety and The SMART Rules, our Year 4 classes have produced some gorgeous posters, some of which you can see here: