Online Safety Workshop

29th November 2017
We had a fabulous Online Safety presentation for parents this afternoon which was delivered by a representative from the NSPCC which contained some really useful resources.
The first of these is Net Aware a website from NSPCC which contains lots of guides to apps and websites your young people might be asking to use. You can read through these and make informed decisions about what you do and don't want them to have access to or perhaps go through the relevant pages with your child so they can understand why an app or website is not appropriate for them to use.
Another great NSPCC website is Share Aware which contains lots of advice on safeguarding children online but also how to have conversations with your child about online dangers and what they can do to keep themselves safe.
One thing that was talked about was making family agreements regarding how technology and the internet is used by everyone in the home. NSPCC provide a great template for these agreements which we have included here:
There are lots of great resources available at the above websites and for more please take a look at our dedicated Online Safety page here.
Finally, a quick reminder that we deliver Online Safety lessons to every year group in the school and we build these around the SMART rules. These are:
S - Stay Safe
M - Don't Meet Up
A - Accepting Files
R - Reliable
T - Tell
If you want to reinforce this message at home there is a terrific poster made by Childnet which is available here that you can print and display somewhere suitable.