New drop-off procedures for Years 1 and 2 children

15th September 2017

As you are aware, the safeguarding agenda in schools is very high in our drive to keep our children safe. When reviewing our procedures, we have found that we could further improve our practice by making a slight change to our morning ‘dropping-off’ procedures, which we will be adopting from Monday 18th September – next week.

When ‘dropping off’ children in the mornings, parents will be asked to say goodbye to the children at the one of the external doors to the school. On the courtyard there will be three doors for entry into the school: one door on the Year 1 corridor; one door in the far right corner of the courtyard and one door on the Year 2 corridor. Each door will be monitored by an adult, where they will welcome the children into school and direct them towards their classrooms.

This practice supports the children’s independence that has already been normal practice for the children in Foundation and that we are keen to continue as children pass through the school.

Should parents have a message to pass on to their child’s teacher, please pass the message to the adults on the doors, who will in turn, pass this message directly onto their child’s teacher. In exceptional circumstances, parents may feel that they need to speak directly to the teacher and in this instance, of course, once checked by the adults on the door that they are known adults to the school, they will be able to pop along to speak to the class teacher.

There will be no change to dropping off procedures on the large playground as this practice is already firmly embedded. Mrs Pocock always monitors the door to the Years 3 and 4 entrance to school and Mr Smyth monitors entrance to the school via the small hall. Dropping-off procedures for the children in Foundation Stage will stay the same.

I am sure that you will all support our drive to keep our children safe.

We look forward to working in further partnership with you to ensure that this new slight change to dropping off procedures is successful.