Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1 we follow and rich and varied curriculum that allows children to gain key skills and knowledge whilst exploring a wide range of topics . Learning is organised into 'themes' taught over a 2 year cycle, with each theme usually lasting for half a term. Wherever possible, each curriculum subject is then linked to the current theme, including Science, DT, History, Geography, RE, PE, Music and Art. We find that this has a motivational affect on children, allowing them to study the topic from all angles and to get utterly absorbed in their learning. Class-based learning is often supported by trips, visitors, outdoor learning, 'themed' days and 'hands-on' activities to bring learning alive for the children. Computing is taught as both a discrete subject, where we equip children with the basic skills they need, and is used as an integral learning tool across the curriculum.
The National Curriuclum for Key Stages 1 and 2 can be seen by clicking on this link.
We have also put together some additional information about the maths curriculum and our approach to teaching written methods of calculation. Please click on these links to access this information:
The following documents detail our assessment bands used for Maths (for Year 2), Reading and Writing. Please click on the links to access this information.
Also detailed below is information about VIPERS, a range of reading prompts based on the 2016 reading content domains found in the National Curriculum Test Framework documents which can be found online here.
In addition to the Key Stage 1 curriculum, we also join in with our whole school themed weeks. During these exciting weeks, the whole school gets involved in a particular theme (e.g. Bears, Dragons, Healthy Selves) and we use these opportunities to get really creative with our learning, with every lesson linking to the chosen theme. Children and staff thoroughly enjoy these special weeks and love to share what they have learned at the end.

Please click on the following links to see our long-term overviews which outline the key curriculum focus for each half term.
Spelling Lists
Year 1
Year 2
Learning out of school

We have put together a number of web site links which we believe are helpful in supporting children's learning, in particular literacy and numeracy out of school. In addition the school pays a subscription to Espresso to enable the children to access these resources out of school. All children are given the log in details to enable them to access these sites.

In addition, we will post any relevant details on this page of the website which are pertinent to current learning or homework tasks. This is a developing part of the school's web-site which we are planning to continually improve.