Google Classroom

5th January 2021
We are nearly at the end of our first day of home learning via Google Classroom and it has been on the whole a great success.
Here is a handy link to the Google Classroom website:
If you have forgotten or mislaid your child's login details then please request them by emailing the relevant yeargroup email address:
Nursery -
Reception Classes -
Year 1 -
Year 2 -
Year 3 -
Year 4 -
Year 5 -
Year 6 -
Please bear in mind that during the day teachers who usually respond to these messages are likely to be busy teaching so there may be a delay in responding.
There is a short guide to assist you with logging in here:
If you are using an Android device to access Google Classroom then this guide might be useful in troubleshooting login problems:
We understand that some families have been trying to access Google Classroom via Amazon tablets, but unfortunately the necessary apps are not available on these devices as they are not available in the Amazon app store.
There are ways to install the Google Play store on these devices and gain access to the full range of apps available there, but we are unable to endorse or share any methods to do so, nor can we take any responsibility for damage to your device if you attempt to follow these instructions.