Parents' Evening

24th February 2021
Hopefully everyone has received a ParentMail regarding Parents' Evening and have been busy booking appointments.
(Although it does seem a bit inaccurate to refer to this as Parents' Evening as we are offering a lot of day time appointments, it is the term we are used to using so we're going to stick with it!)
Just to confirm that we are going to be running Parents' Evening via Microsoft Teams again this time. You will notice a new section of our website specifically dedicated to Parents' Evening which can be accessed here:
On that page you will find a link for each teacher on the day that they are meeting (virtually) with parents. When it is time for your appointment, just click on the relevant link to connect with your child's teacher.
You will be placed in a virtual waiting room until the teacher is ready and you will then be admitted into the room once any previous parents have left.
Please read the guidance on the above web page regarding Microsoft Teams and whether you will need any additional software.
Meeting with parents in this way was very successful when we last tried it so we're hoping for a similar outcome this time.