At Priory Rise, we offer a wide variety of lunchtime and after school clubs for both KS1 and KS2 children.
Please see the timetable below to view the clubs on offer each term. Your child will have the opportunity to sign up to lunch time clubs via their class teacher. A ParentMail is sent home termly regarding after school sports clubs and information on signing up.
Please note, these clubs vary throughout the year.
KS1 Clubs (Summer 1)
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lunch Time
Y2 Chess Club
Miss Charles
Room 6 
Science Club
Miss Hodkin &
Miss Fox
Art Room
FS Running Club
Mrs Woods
FS Jigsaw/puzzles
Mrs Reynolds
Honeybees Classroom

FS Wellbeing Club
Mrs Benham-Smith & Mrs Best
Beetles Classroom
After School
Arts & Craft Club
Art Room
Y1/Y2 Zumba
 Y2/Y3 Drama Club
Miss Charles
Room 6
FS Yoga
KS2 Clubs (Summer 1)
   Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
 Lunch Time
Mrs Horwood
Music Room
Miss Fenables
Room 8
Mindfulness Club
Miss Cunningham
& Miss Stone
Room 17
Y5 Homework Club
Miss Dixon
Room 14
Y6 Homework Club
Miss Marriott
Room 16
Mrs Horwood
Music Room
 Science Club
Miss Hankin
Room 10
Y5/Y6 Lego Club
Mr Bullen
Room 12
 Dance With Dean
Mrs Dean
Room 7
Chess Club
Mr Brown &
Mrs Snell
Room 14
Y3 French Club
Mrs Dobson
Room 7 
 After School
Arts & Craft Club
Art Room

Y3/4 Athletics

Y3/4 Zumba
Y3/4 Basketball

Y5/6 Basketball
 Y6 Coding Club
Mr Brown
Room 18
Y3/4 Street Dance

Y5/6 Street Dance
Y3/4 Cheerleading

Y2/3 Drama Club
Miss Charles
Room 6

Gardening Club
Miss Thomas, Mrs Dilnot and Miss Cooper
Room 9

Y5/6 Athletics

Y5/6 Cheerleading
 Y3/4 Cricket

Y3/4 Triathlon

Y5/6 Triathlon