The designated area for Priory Rise School is Tattenhoe Park and South Kingsmead: however we have two ‘secondary’ defined areas – North Kingsmead and Tattenhoe. Children are admitted in September in the academic year that they are 5.

Children are also admitted to other year groups throughout the year if there are places available.

The Local Authority School Admissions Team co-ordinate all school admissions. They process all applications and will contact you to let you know if a place has been allocated.  

For children starting school for the first time in September, you can apply online on the council’s website.
The MK School Admissions Team also manage the appeal process.
If you are interested in your child attending Priory Rise School or have any queries regarding admissions to the school, then please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Sarah Tarrant – our Office Manager and Admissions Officer, in the school office on (01908) 502572 to make an appointment to look around the school or answer any questions that you may have. We are delighted to show parents around our school, discuss our approaches to teaching and learning and our school aims.

Foundation Stage

During the summer term we hold a meeting for all new parents to discuss the school routine and the entry arrangements for our Foundation children. All children starting school in September will have an opportunity to spend some time in their new class with their teacher and will also receive a home visit in the autumn term from their class teacher prior to starting school.
Foundation Stage teachers also make visits to local pre-schools in the summer term before the children begin at school. Home visits take place during the first week of the autumn term, as our Foundation aged children have a staggered start and do not start full days until the middle of September.

If you wish to apply for a place during the year to other year groups please contact the Local Authority’s School Admissions Team on (01908) 253338 to request a mid -year admissions pack or visit the council’s website on:
Year 6

Information regarding the transfer to secondary school at the end of Year 6 is available from the Local Authority’s School Admission Team during September of Year 6. Children from the Priory Rise School defined area usually transfer to The Hazeley Academy, although a number of our children transfer to other schools in the area.