Accessing MyMaths (Flash)

6th December 2017
Some parents have been having issues recently accessing MyMaths due to web browsers starting to block Flash software (necessary for many parts of MyMaths to work) from running. To help with this we have put together the following step-by-step instructions.
To start with, we highly recommend using the Google Chrome web browser for accessing MyMaths. It is available for all major operating systems and can be downloaded here:
All of the steps below are using Google Chrome. Steps for other web browsers will differ and while we would love to provide advice for every combination of computer, operating system and web browser we just don't have the time or resources, sorry!
If you see the following screen then it means that Flash is disabled in your browser:
If you read the screen it suggests that if you just click the Continue button everything will be okay, but unfortunately in most cases you will just see this:
To fix this, look at the address bar (the space near the top of the browser window where you can see the address of the website you are viewing) and click in the area (highlighted in red in the image below) where you can see the picture of the padlock and the word Secure:
This will cause the following menu to appear:
Look down this list and click on Flash (again highlighted in red on the image below):
A short menu will pop up with three options. Click on "Always allow on this site":
You will probably see the page refresh now and the following prompt will appear, just click on Reload and the web page will refresh and any Flash content on MyMaths should now work properly:
We hope that has proved useful. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any feedback about this or any other areas of our school website.
For reference, we previously published some advice on accessing MyMaths (all of which is still relevant) here. Please take a look if your question hasn't been answered by the above steps.