Rising Stars

On most Fridays we hold a special Rising Stars Assembly which is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the special achievements of the children at Priory Rise School. This can include special awards or achievements that children have gained from out of school activities as well as achievements from school.
We have Rising Star Certificates which are awarded to children who have achieved something special or worked exceptionally hard over the week; details of all of these achievements will be published on the website and in the school newsletters.
We greatly value every child's work and achievements and feel it is very important to acknowledge and celebrate this in school. At the end of each school year we present special awards to children who have shown great commitment and worked hard to achieve highly. These awards are given for Creativity, Learning, Sports and Contribution to the Community.
Rising Stars for Friday 13 April 2018
Well done to all the children listed below, we are very proud of you!
Jamie - For showing incredible courage and confidence in our class assembly!
Zachary - For always showing kindness to others and helping other feel confident in maths.

Liam - Amazing introductory paragraph for a newspaper report.
Shekina - Brilliant explanation of the Anglo Saxon invasion.

Krishnan - His use of technical grammar and punctuation in his narrative this week.
Shaurya - Discussions and explanations to his group in maths.

Zara - Confident exchanging in subtraction calculations.
Anirudh - For showing resilience and good progress learning how to exchange in subtraction calculations.

Harry - Fantastic knowledge of fractions.
Kaden - Great effort and attitude towards his work and presentation.

Phoebe - An amazing narrative based on "German in the Woods".
Kian - A fantastic first week back full of hard work and determination.

Preetiga - Great vocabulary in narrative writing.
Joshua - Amazing focus and effort this week!

Avaneesh - Consistently producing high quality work.
Suraj - Always being a kind, courteous member of Wilson class.

Ryan - Making great progress in reading.
Amelia - Having a much improved attitude towards her learning and always trying her best!

Euan - Fantastic effort in maths this week and upholding Priory Rise values.
Jude - Positive attitude and determination in the face of fractions.

Ruby - A super start at Priory Rise.
Pransha - Sharing fantastic home learning projects.

Muhammad - A brilliant observational drawing of a spring flower.
Mahnoor - Lots of fabulous rhyming work this week.

Scott - Having a fantastic attitude towards all learning this week.
Kelly - A super start at Priory Rise.

Dr Seuss
Lewis - Writing a fantastic haiku poem.
Chris - Having a fabulous attitude and contributing to all areas of the curriculum. Such an incredible role model!

Avni - Being a good team member and always listening to others.
Isabella - Fantastic start to Priory Rise.

Felicity - A fabulous start back and super effort in maths.
Sam - Great determination in maths and mastering fractions and decimals.