Rising Stars

On most Fridays we hold a special Rising Stars Assembly which is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the special achievements of the children at Priory Rise School. This can include special awards or achievements that children have gained from out of school activities as well as achievements from school.
We have Rising Star Certificates which are awarded to children who have achieved something special or worked exceptionally hard over the week; details of all of these achievements will be published on the website and in the school newsletters.
We greatly value every child's work and achievements and feel it is very important to acknowledge and celebrate this in school. At the end of each school year we present special awards to children who have shown great commitment and worked hard to achieve highly. These awards are given for Creativity, Learning, Sports and Contribution to the Community.
Rising Stars for Friday 02 February 2018
Well done to all the children listed below, we are very proud of you!
Millie A - For her incredible focus during assessment week.
Aaron - His engagement and positivity in all areas of the curriculum this week.

Malachi - Improved focus in lessons this week.
Lilly - For always smiling and being a positive member of the class.

Karen - Fantastic work with algorithms and variables in computing.
Kieran - Fantastic work with algorithms and variables in computing.

Stefan - Fab work on fact families using multiplication and division.
Isabella - A great additional section to the Bremen Town Musicians.

Shona - Fabulous improvements to handwriting and presentation.
Vivek - His positive attitude and growth mindset in all areas of learning.

Dr Seuss
Lorelai - For an incredible attitude towards her work!
Chris - For a superb animal riddle!

Cara - A fantastic effort in reading comprehension
Sofia - Being a proactive learner.

Chloe - Excellent use of vocabulary in her non-chronological report.
Ella - An excellent non-chronological report on lizards.

Morgan - Developing a positive attitude towards her work this week.
Bilal - Working really hard to produce high quality writing.

Esme - Fantastic contributions in guided reading this week.
Elena - Great work in maths this week.

Jake - Writing a fantastic non-chronological report.
Thomas - Superb focus, resilience and determination in assessment week.

Jessica - A great contribution during guided reading.
Aminah - Great work in maths this week.
Gabriella - Consistently great learning attitude.

Angelica - Sensible and thoughtful contributions in English.
Krish - Producing a brilliant piece of non-chronological writing.

Delia - Excellent independent writing about The Jungle Book.
Jamie - Excellent description of a jungle.

And to the whole of Snicket class for a great class assembly!